I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse, Vox

They call me The Blog Editor. Three semesters ago, I was just an innocent blogger trying to make people aware of faulty college acceptance rates. But once I got the taste of money, power, and snark, I simply… Read More

sac fair

Prefrosh preview: A guide to SAC Fair

While classes and where you live are defining factors of your Georgetown experience, student involvements hold a big impact on a typical Hoya’s time on the Hilltop. The Student Activities Commission (SAC) holds a fair every semester, taking place this year… Read More


Submit to the Voice 2014 photo contest

For the last issue of the academic year, the Voice dedicates its feature section to a photo contest featuring the best photos the Georgetown community has to offer. Pictured above is “Hands of a Medicine Man,” one of last year’s… Read More

Behold your ginger master, Vox Populi

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Like the Voice‘s own version of Joseph Stalin, I bided my time on the outskirts of the party leadership, carefully planning the day I would rise up and seize power… Read More


Come to the Voice’s Open House this Friday

Ever wonder what goes into making Georgetown’s premier alt-weekly and blog? Along with time, some University money, and some poorly-concealed disdain for authority, it takes people. In other words, we need warm bodies. We’re always looking for new… Read More

You’re all mine now, Vox

As Overlordess Julia “TB” Tanaka moves on to bigger and better things (Managing Editor of the Voice), I will now succeed her as ruler of Vox, King of the Iron Throne.* That is my official title, and yes, ruling Vox,… Read More

I knew you were trouble

Listen. I don’t know if you know how comfortable you can get on that couch in UG, but my main achievement running Vox has been discovering the beauty of that particular napping spot. (A chair by the GUSA office… Read More

Hello, world.

Hello, populi of Vox! Over my many years as a student and writer, I’ve come to realize that generic introductions are the bane of most people’s existences, so I’ll spare you. I’ve been graciously handed the keyboard keys… Read More

Well, that’s it for me, Vox

This is it for me, Vox. I was elected five months ago, so now it’s time for me to sashay away. Sometimes in the course of the semester, what we cover is really exciting, and, other times, it’s… Read More

Well, Vox, it looks like it’s just us now

As the illustrious reign of Voxy Gurl comes to an abrupt end, readers will surely ask themselves “Why did she have to leave us so soon? Who will feed our internets!?” While readers and Vox-ers alike cope with… Read More