SIPS Board announces first four grant winners

The Board of the Social Innovation and Public Service fund has announced plans to fund social justice and service projects by three students and one organization: Tommy Larson (SFS ’13), Kristin Trivelli (NHS ’14), Tyler Eldridge (SFS ’13),… Read More

GUSA Roundup: You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an Executive candidate

Yesterday’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association senate was… peculiar. About 40% of the people in the room were running for GUSA Executive, so it was fun to project subtext onto the bickering of the obviously sleep-deprived… Read More

FinApp discusses updates on solar panels, SIPS fund

Last night, the Georgetown University Student Association’s Finance and Appropriations Committee met to discuss updates from the Endowment working groups. The meeting began with a short discussion about Healy Pub, and the nails that Jack DeGioia and Todd… Read More

GUSA names working group membership for SAFE proposals, sets timelines for project feasibility

GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations committee has named the “Working Groups” to be responsible for creating plans to implement the proposals of the Student Activities Endowment Commission. The groups, operating in tandem with FinApp, will be responsible for further… Read More