Rudolph Redux: Solidarity sings revamped Christmas carols for DPS pay raise

“O come let us demand now, O come let us demand now, O come let us demand now that DPS get fair pay!” That’s something you may have heard sung by members of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee if… Read More

The champion of Georgetown YouTube Madness is…

After almost three months of voting, we’ve finally come to the end of Georgetown YouTube Madness. Vox is proud to announce, after thoroughly scientific polling, that the ultimate Georgetown video on all of YouTube is…

Solidarity protests Aramark’s tomato- purchasing practices

The Georgetown Solidarity Committee is protesting against the University’s food service provider, Aramark, accusing them of unjust tomato-buying practices, according to GSC’s blog. According to the post, large food service companies like Aramark and Sodexo, have been using… Read More

Georgetown Solidarity protests its way onto Channel 8

Look for full coverage, including the results of Georgetown’s Licensing Oversight Committee meeting, in Voice News this Thursday.

Solidarity raises $13,000 for Leo’s worker, $5,000 from anonymous donor

The Solidarity Committee’s campaign to help Leo’s employee Leslie Tang, whose home was destroyed in a fire, turned out really, really well: We have really pulled it together and accompanied Leslie as a community through this difficult phase… Read More

Barbara Ehrenreich nickel and dimes Georgetown tonight

Solidarity is bringing writer and activist Barbara Ehrenreich to White Gravenor 210B tonight at 7:30.  Ehrenreich is the author of the books Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America and Bait and Switch: The Futile Pursuit… Read More

Aramark may help Leo’s employee

Aramark, whose last foray into charity involved ice sculptures and Amir Bakshi and went generally well, may be acting nice again by helping Leslie Tang, the Leo’s employee who lost her house in a fire. In last Thursday’s… Read More

Leo’s employee’s house burns down, needs help

Speaking of Leo’s, sad news from the Solidarity Committee: Leo’s employee recently Leslie Tang lost her house in a fire (emphasis added): She was cooking rice in her kitchen, left the room to do laundry, and the electrical… Read More

Help out Altagracia!

Sorry for the lack of posting, friends, it’s time for our staff elections and as we transition it’s a little unclear who exactly is responsible for what. However, I wanted to spread the word about an unfortunate accident… Read More