Dare to go greek? Exploring Georgetown’s sorority scene

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Howard sorority president sued over $900,000 wax statue of herself—and we’ve got the picture!

Some members of the Howard-founded sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha are suing its president Barbara McKinzie for various alleged financial misdeeds, according to the Washington Business Journal. One of those misdeeds was commissioning a $900,000 wax sculpture of herself…. Read More

Laundry detergent + GW frat = disaster

Warning: Do not mix with GW frat boys The geniuses at GW’s Pi Kappa Alpha decided it would be fun to lubricate their Slip n’ Slide with laundry detergent this weekend.  Now, generally speaking, detergent and skin don’t… Read More

Adelfi flirts with the idea of joining sorority

Adelfi was one of a few clubs which at the end of last school year forfeited its SAC funding, citing an uncertain future membership size. Nevertheless, the all-girls social and service organization has continued to operate throughout this… Read More

“Dominating the shit out of this farce”: the secret lives of GW students

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