Seven Georgetown-area restaurants cited as medium-risk health code violators in 2009

Yesterday, we cataloged the health violations of four Georgetown-area food establishments that had been pegged as “high-risk” by the Health and Regulations Licensing Administration within the last year or so—Leo’s, Epicurean & Co., The Tombs, and Bangkok Bistro…. Read More

The Week in Photos: Gettin’ served

Photography by Helen Burton

Corp coffee switch one of the blessings of the free market?

And today the invisible hand of the market will bring you… better coffee! Faced with stiffer competition (and by stiffer we mean “some”), the Corp recently switched their coffee supplier from JDKA, who they’ve used for over a… Read More

The Corp’s coffee monopoly comes to an end

Competition!  The free market!  Huzzah! What was probably most remarkable about the opening of Georgetown University’s Starbucks yesterday, located in the empty halls of the Leavey Center, is how easily college students flock towards dimmed lights and jazz… Read More

Starbucks freebies in Red Square

Freebie alert!  Starbucks is handing out free $5 gift cards and free drinks in Red Square today.   Great news for coffee drinkers, although probably a further sign of our impending doom to some.  $5 may not seem like… Read More

Georgetown’s own Wailing Wall

Who needs to go to Israel when Georgetown has its own version of the Western Wall at the Starbucks on 3122 M St. NW? You don’t even have to pray at this one. One day while I was… Read More

Starbucks same-day discounts come to the District

Some of us are busy planning ways to sneak a free Frappucino, but for those of you who are too ethical or just not ballsy enough, Starbucks is now offering a new way to get your caffeine fix… Read More

DC’s Starbucks survive, so pull a grift

The great Starbucks Purge is on, but at least DC’s Starbucks made it out mostly unscathed. Only one Starbucks in Washington (at 21st and L) is closing, which leaves us with 76 others to choose from. Other states… Read More