Georgetown receives $6.9 million for Science Center, which will resume construction

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has granted Georgetown University $6.9 million in stimulus money for the construction of the science building and scientific research, its largest award through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to date…. Read More

Stimulus grants $25 million to GU scientists and physicians

Say what you will about the stimulus package‚Äôs limited effect on the unemployment rate, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is creating and sustaining jobs on campus at Georgetown University, University News reports. Since the University began… Read More

A Georgetown SmartBike station is one of “the worst pork-barrel projects of the 111th Congress”

That headline is a little misleading—due to a quarrel between Clear Channel, the administrators of the SmartBike bike-sharing program, and the City, it’s unlikely that Georgetown will get a SmartBike station any time soon. Nonetheless, two House Republicans,… Read More

Georgetown’s request for science center stimulus funding gets positive signals

The current science center The federal government has not yet denied or approved Georgetown University’s $15 million request for stimulus money to fund construction of the science center, but Ali Whitmer, a dean in the College, said that… Read More