SAC Fair

SAC Fair gets rebranded to CAB Fair (no, not cab fare)

For as long as Vox remembers, the Student Activities Fair has been hosted and planned by the Student Activities Commission (SAC) to provide campus outreach for Georgetown’s numerous student organizations. Although SAC is the largest advisory board representing… Read More

sac fair

Prefrosh preview: A guide to SAC Fair

While classes and where you live are defining factors of your Georgetown experience, student involvements hold a big impact on a typical Hoya’s time on the Hilltop. The Student Activities Commission (SAC) holds a fair every semester, taking place this year… Read More

Clubs elect Patrick Musgrave as new SAC Chair

On Friday morning, after a re-vote was conducted following the original election on Wednesday, Patrick Musgrave (COL ’16), one-semester Student Activities Commission Commissioner and Marketing and Public Relations Director, was elected SAC Chair. He ran against Eng Gin Moe… Read More

SAC forum opens discussion of student funding reform, addresses its problems

On the evening of Thursday, September 29, the Student Activities Commission assembled its board members and the leaders of several student organizations to a forum in which to deliberate SAC’s financial allocation process. This followed up a forum… Read More

SAC advisor Bill McCoy to depart Georgetown in August

SAC advisor and Deputy Director of Student Programs Bill McCoy will be leaving Georgetown in August, according to an announcement from the University’s Center for Student Programs. In a phone call, McCoy confirmed to Vox that he would… Read More

GUSA Roundup: New kids on the block

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate elected senators for internal leadership positions during this week’s meeting; next week, the body will begin to debate legislation. The new leadership includes Speaker of the Senate Adam Mortillaro (COL ’12), Vice-Speaker… Read More

GUSA drafts bill to give itself complete control of Student Activities Fee allocation

Looks like the war between GUSA and the Student Activities Commission is heating up: The Voice has obtained the draft of a bill (below) that proposes to give GUSA complete control over the entire Student Activities Fee. Currently,… Read More