Finalized version of Student Life Report 2012 released

Earlier this week, the Student Life Report committee released their finalized 50-something page document about student life. The report primarily focuses on the advisory boards and GPB, but does summarize intellectual life and administrative accountability too. You can… Read More

Student Life Report town hall pushes for student group autonomy

In a town hall-style meeting on Thursday night, the students behind the forthcoming Student Life Report 2012 fielded questions and led discussions about their findings and recommendations. As previously reported, the authors of the report found a strong… Read More

A Teaser for the Student Life Report 2012

This Thursday at 8:30 p.m. in the Leavey Program Room, the authors of the Student Life Report 2012 will unveil some findings from their brainchild: a 40-something page report on student life and involvement at Georgetown. And if… Read More