A wrap-up of the CAG meeting on the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 2

Earlier today, we ran a post about the general sentiment that the Citizens Association of Georgetown and residents feel toward the 2010 Campus Plan draft that the University presented in November, as shown in the first public meeting… Read More

Burleith residents creating a database of noisy, messy Georgetown students

Spring is in the air, and Burleith residents are concerned that the noise from partygoing Georgetown students is, too. So the Burleith Citizens Association has offered new a way to combat students students’ noise and “nuisance properties”—a database… Read More

MPD created party patrols in response to neighborhood complaints

At the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year, the Metropolitan Police Department began party patrols to monitor Burleith and West Georgetown from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. five nights a week, including weekend nights,  according to e-mails exchanged between… Read More

DPS now patrolling East Campus to control student noise

Looks like our neighbors are tired of hearing about how awesome our slices of Philly P’s are. In response to a large number of neighbor complaints, DPS officers have been patrolling the Prospect, 35 Street, and 36 Street… Read More

Better Know an ANC 2E Commissioner: Ron Lewis

This is the first of seven installations of  “Better Know an ANC Commissioner,” Vox’s interviews with the representatives that comprise Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E. The ANC is Georgetown residents’ primary voice in local government. When the average student… Read More

Keep it down: MPD to issue noise citations to Georgetown students

Georgetown’s student body didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome back in their inboxes this Wednesday. In a campuswide email and in typical no-notice style, Georgetown administrators told student that the Metropolitan Police Department “are again authorized—and intend—to issue… Read More