Award-winning documentary Red Lines depicts democratization attempts in Syria

Last evening in White Gravenor, Mouaz Moustafa, executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, and Andrea Kalin—in conjunction with the Georgetown University Lecture Fund—presented and discussed the award-winning documentary Red Lines, a historical piece that began filming… Read More

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Syrian actresses denied visas to perform in Georgetown

One of Georgetown’s most exciting upcoming events has been postponed or cancelled, not by an overly-Catholic alum who donates money, but by a case of State Department paranoia. Last week, the State Department denied visas to 12 Syrian… Read More

District Digest: Baby daddies and anti-discrimination efforts

Baby panda born at the National Zoo, but who’s the daddy? Last week, the National Zoo announced the birth of a panda cub named Buterstick II. The news was well received after the recent discovery of a stillborn… Read More

Breaking: Video released of journalist and GU law student Austin Tice alive in custody

Today, McClatchy newspaper announced its discovery of a 47-second YouTube video of Austin Tice  (SFS ’02, LAW ’13), a freelance journalist reporting from Syria over the summer for McClatchy, the Washington Post, and several other major publications. On August 30,… Read More

Journalist and GU law student Austin Tice (SFS ’02) reportedly in Syrian custody

Austin Tice (SFS ’02, LAW ’13), a freelance journalist for the Washington Post, McClatchy, and numerous other publications, is likely to have been taken into custody by the Syrian government, according to an article published today on McClatchy’s website. Tice,… Read More

Georgetown law student and journalist in Syria, whereabouts unknown

Earlier today, the family of a Georgetown University law student Austin Tice reported that they have not heard from their son in over a week. Tice (SFS ’02, LAW ’13), 31-years-old, has spent the past summer in Syria… Read More