D.C. taxi credit card implementation hits roadblock

D.C.’s infamous cab market, loathed for its inconsistency, is finally set for the implementation of a big improvement that was planned months ago. A new mandate requires all D.C. cabs to install credit card readers by December 1 of… Read More

Metro fares, taxi rates likely to increase in 2012

Metro is in a poor economic state, and it seems that Washington’s commuters are about to bail it out. The transit agency currently predicts a budget deficit of $124 million for the next fiscal year, which begins July… Read More

The District Digest: Red Line tragedy

On Monday at about 5 p.m. two Red Line trains crashed into each other near the Fort Totten station, resulting in the deadliest crash in Metro’s 33 year history.  Nine people died, including Jeanice McMillan, the operator of… Read More

Taxi Commissioner Leon Swain: a modern-day Job

Taxi Commissioner Leon Swain is a gruff man, but given the risks he faces on a daily basis, like mayoral purges so regular he can never be far from his heat, you can’t blame him. If he has… Read More

Fenty purges anti-meter taxi commissioners

Mayor Fenty quashes dissent and looks good doing it. He never forgot that a 4-4 vote last year in the DC Taxi Cab Commission briefly stopped his meter plans, and now he’s settling scores, replacing three of the… Read More