The Atlantic describes Lau’s architecture as “soul-crushing”

Lau looks so bad, you don’t even need to pull an all-nighter in there to feel depressed about it. At least, that’s what The Atlantic‘s recent architecture analysis article says about the brutalist library before going on to explain that… Read More

Bono really is going to talk about social enterprise

After last week’s retraction, the McDonough School of Business Communications Department finally established that Bono will be talking about social enterprise at Georgetown next Monday. In the new event description, Bono’s lecture is described as a talk about… Read More

The Atlantic names President DeGioia a “Brave Thinker”

In this week’s issue of The Atlantic, President John J. DeGioia is featured as a Brave Thinker of 2012, alongside Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court John Roberts, punk-rock collective Pussy Riot, and a whole bunch of… Read More

Is the Georgetown bubble enough? The Atlantic says yes

In a recent Atlantic article titled “Why College Isn’t a Bubble”, featuring Georgetown’s campus and professor Stephen Rose of the Center on Education and the Workforce, a strong argument favors the idea that a college degree results in more than… Read More