BCA, CAG hire consultants, plan to meet with University officials

Last April, the Burleith Citizens Association started soliciting donations for their anti-Campus Plan campaign; five months and $11,000 later, the community group has finally hired zoning and urban planning consultants to help build their case. “As we move… Read More

Georgetown releases final draft of the 2010 Campus Plan—What’s new?

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Right? On Thursday, Georgetown University publicly released the final draft of its 2010 Campus Plan (PDF), which it will present to the community on Monday, April 26. Administrators have already… Read More

Burleith: The idyllic little neighborhood that you’re ruining

On Wednesday night, Burleith residents crowded into a tiny classroom in the Washington International School, there to hear to a presentation by members of the Burleith Citizens Association about “why the Georgetown campus plan is bad for Burleith,”… Read More

Burleith against the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 2: The monetary campaign

In this month’s Burleith Bell, the Burleith Citizens’ Association issued a call to action against Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan. Vox commenters agreed that the editorial, written by a group of residents the BCA assembled to research and respond… Read More