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“Wait, does this mean I can’t rag on the Corp anymore!?”

Students of Georgetown, Inc: you’ve done good. After nearly 150 people participated in Vox‘s poll this week, it looks like the consensus is that Compass Coffee is actually pretty good. In fact, 60 percent of you agreed that… Read More


The Corp CEO says Compass Coffee a success, take Vox’s poll to say if you agree

Well, it’s happened: as Vox is sure you are well aware by now, the Corp is now serving Compass Coffee at all three coffee services on campus as of Feb. 2. The Corp finalized the transition just a… Read More


The Corp will begin serving new Compass Coffee this Friday

Well my fellow Hoyas, it seems as though the days of comme ci, comme ça coffee are no more: The Corp has officially chosen a new coffee vendor. And a pretty cool one, at that. The Corp has… Read More

salad menu

New Corp salad service to open Friday

Line on up and get a well-tossed salad because The Hilltoss, the Corp’s newest store, will hold its grand opening on Friday in the Healey Family Student Center. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday, the Corp… Read More


Corp raises prices in response to D.C. minimum wage hike

The Corp conducted a 3 percent average across-the-board price hike in response to the increase in D.C.’s minimum wage rise to $9.50 from $8.25 on July 1. Customers will see price increases across the Corp’s services, which include… Read More

Breaking: Two individuals apprehended in connection with theft at Vital Vittles

Earlier this evening, Vox received a report that two arrests had been made for an alleged theft at Vital Vittles. According to Corp CEO Elizabeth MacGill (COL ’14) and a witness on the scene, a cashier and a manager… Read More

MMUG showcases campus talent through story-writing competition

Monday night, Midnight MUG hosted a reading for the winners of the Midnight Writer Scholarship. Students crowded MMUG’s blue couches to experience budding talent of story writers at Georgetown. The event showcased six writers. The two $250 winners… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Columbus’s America

Vox Patriciorum, that’s the best you got? *insert quip about how you only need to pass the fifth grade to know he killed a lot of people* Allie Prescott forgot about Emeril Lagasse’s fruit soup! Take it in a cup… Read More

This Week in the Voice: March 1, 2012

In this week’s feature, Connor Jones uncovers the special protocol behind the Corp’s compliance with health regulations: When initially asked whether there was a special protocol during health inspections, both outgoing Chief Executive Officer Alex Pon (COL ’12)… Read More

Large revenue increase in 2011 for Students of Georgetown, Inc.

Students of Georgetown, Inc. released its Annual Report for fiscal year 2011 last week, revealing financial success and income statements boasting a net income of $244,384.17, a significant bounce back from the previous year’s net loss of $10,418. Current… Read More