The Week in Photos: Heading home

Twuesday Tweetacular: Imbibing by the Blessed Mother, high-profile Red Square run-ins

So, Twitter. Yeah, we don’t really get it either. But we have one and we’re trying! ‘Cause microblogging is the future! Or whatever. Anyway, despite its tendency to bring out the ultra-self-involved in all of us, Twitter does… Read More

Corp coffee switch one of the blessings of the free market?

And today the invisible hand of the market will bring you… better coffee! Faced with stiffer competition (and by stiffer we mean “some”), the Corp recently switched their coffee supplier from JDKA, who they’ve used for over a… Read More

The Corp’s coffee monopoly comes to an end

Competition!  The free market!  Huzzah! What was probably most remarkable about the opening of Georgetown University’s Starbucks yesterday, located in the empty halls of the Leavey Center, is how easily college students flock towards dimmed lights and jazz… Read More

HoyaTrade: Craigslist for Georgetown, minus Casual Encounters

The founder of Craigslist gears up for a long, HoyaTrade-induced winter The Corp is really catching on to this ARPANET thing. First it launched Hoyapedia, the wildly-uneven Georgetown wiki that might someday be fun, and now it has… Read More

Corp launches Hoyapedia with a whimper

The ghost of Jesse Scharff’s future Update:  At last, Tuesday afternoon, it’s fixed. Rest, weary Corpsmen. Update:  10 AM the next day, and still no decent main page. I can’t wonder why people wouldn’t trust the Corp with… Read More

Mini-Georgetown Day tomorrow

With free food, live music, T-shirt giveaways, and even a moonbounce, the Corp’s Summer Day 2008 has all the key ingredients of the April original. Except, maybe, enough people to make it feel like an actual party, since… Read More

New Vittles sandwiches made by formerly homeless

Update: Erin from the Central Kitchen corrected us–the sandwich makers aren’t homeless anymore. Others were in jail, and Erin describes them as “the biggest bunch of goofy, fun, hardworking felons I know.” Vital Vittles, Georgetown’s finest/only grocery store… Read More

Corp takes down fliers that make them look bad

The Corp has taken to running the 1st floor of the Leavey Center like its personal fiefdom, with all the restrictions of free speech that entails. Thursday night I noticed several fliers on the bulletin boards near Vital… Read More