The best comments on the Post‘s article about the Stewards

Everyone’s favorite, the Washington Post is a little late covering Georgetown University’s latest petty election scandal. In an article last Thursday, local reporter Ian Shapira recounts the history of the Stewards from beginning to end: from mysterious early… Read More

Post blogger Ezra Klein bluntly dismantles the presidential election

Ezra Klein, blogger and columnist for Bloomberg and the Washington Post, opened his remarks, sponsored by the Lecture Fund, to a full lecture hall in Reiss yesterday by declaring it was “most annoying day of the year.” He… Read More

Georgetown chemistry department helps teenager make national news

This week, a report published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry revealed unhealthy levels of perchloroethylene, a common component of dry cleaning products that has been linked to such disorders as cancer and neurological damage, in clothing that has recently… Read More

WaPo “Peeps Show” gives Peeps a purpose

Easter has plenty of redeeming qualities—beautiful weather, a break that makes other schools envy our Jesuit heritage, and, of course, loads upon tooth-rotting loads of candy. But every year, there’s always one major damper on the sugary celebration,… Read More

GU senior has a tough road ahead due to citizenship status

This weekend, The Washington Post followed up on its previous stories about Juan Gomez (MSB ’11), a senior who is about to graduate but risks deportation. Gomez came to the United States from Colombia with his family in… Read More

Pepco fails at more than supplying power

Pepco, Washington’s main power company and Georgetown’s electricity supplier, now ranks “near the bottom” in several surveys comparing power companies throughout the nation. According to a Washington Post analysis, Pepco customers suffer through seventy percent more outages than… Read More

Georgetown course tops WaPo’s list of oddest in D.C. area

Let’s chalk one up for liberal education, folks. In a recent list of the strangest courses taught at D.C.-area schools, the Georgetown’s “Philosophy 194: Hallucinating” took the number one spot. Taught by Dr. James Mattingly, the course asks some… Read More

Architect who built Lauinger passes away at 91

Admit it—you’ve walked across Healy Lawn, looked to the west, and thought, “Damn. Lau is an ugly, ugly building.” But, let’s try to hold our tongues for the next few days out of respect for the dead. John… Read More

The Washington Post‘s terrible college news blog profiles Calen Angert

From time to time, the Washington Post attempts to provide good hyper-local coverage of D.C.—and they almost always fail stupendously. Recently, the Post found a new, similarly out-of-their-purview beat to epically fail at: college campuses. Their college news… Read More

Georgetown gets compliments and contempt—all in one column!

The perfect Post columnist to have love-hate relationship with There’s some good news and some bad news for Georgetown in Jay Mathews’ recent Washington Post column.  The good news: He thinks Georgetown qualifies as an “elite” university!  The… Read More