Georgetown students win ANC seats in uncontested bid

Yesterday, Georgetown students Reed Howard (SFS ’17) and Kendyl Clausen (SFS ’16) were elected to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission as uncontested write-ins. Howard and Clausen, representing ANC 2E08 and 2E04, respectively, originally intended to run on the ballot,… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: A tribute to curdled milk and cooked sausage

Seasoned travelers (daughters) say Sabra doesn’t put enough pretzel chips in cup to eat w/ their single-serve hummus.— Scott Simon (@nprscottsimon) April 22, 2014 Said travelers were also heard complaining about receiving only three slices of questionable cheese… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: Don’t trust vegans…or Leo’s on a snow day

i don’t trust people who pronounce caramel like carmel— Teague Loughman (@teagadinho) March 4, 2014 According to a trusty online source, Vox also discovered more people who you should be suspicious of…including, but not limited to: vegans, Romanians… Read More


Update: Housing considering delay of selection procedure change

Fall study abroad applicants fear the worst: returning to VCE come spring 2015 GUSA passed a resolution Sunday to reverse or delay the housing change that recently caused concern among students. At a Residential Life’s housing selection information… Read More

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Study abroad applicants: There’s no need to fret over housing

Fear, panic, and sadness came crashing down on sophomores planning to study abroad in the fall late Monday night following the creation of a Facebook event that told tales of a new housing policy that would shatter any hope… Read More