Twuesday Tweetacular: A plethora of excuses for drinking

I’m not wearing green, and if you pinch me I will knock you the fuck out. I think that is way more Irish than wearing green. — Sean Patton (@mrseanpatton) March 18, 2014   Oh, but of course!… Read More

Vox on the Rocks: The Fainting Goat

Vox presents a new series, in which she sends a writer or two to go review a bar. To get the full effect, she has them send her text messages documenting the evening. The text message transcript is below… Read More

The Tombs is one of America’s best college bars

Or, at least Complex thinks so. Described as an ordinary college bar “with a far better menu,” the Tombs just barely slid into the magazine’s “50 Best College Bars in America” rankings. Why only 50th best? Probably because… Read More

Thirds temporarily shut down by D.C. gov’t

Due to violations that stemmed from a felony assault, the D.C. Alcohol and Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) shut down Third Edition for three days in early August. The bar was closed from August 8 to August 10. According… Read More

Senior Dis-Orientation: Las Vegas without the strippers

When we think about Senior Dis-Orientation, we don’t typically think about its theme. (We usually think about the free alcohol we’re going to drink, and then, the massive hangovers we’ll have the mornings after.) But because we care… Read More