Last Week on Halftime: Remember, nature is undefeated

Editor’s note: This Week in Halftime is now Last Week on Halftime and will be posted every Monday. Our Halftime staffers got pretty intense—with politics and Soccer influencing one another, trips into the wilderness, and further thought-provoking assessments. Focusing on the international… Read More

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This Week in Halftime: Like Rocky Horror but with Keanu Reeves

The Halftime staff went to some especially crazy events this week and captured more of the current state of baseball and football. Alex Boyd analyzes baseball’s reliance on the pitching ace as Major League Baseball heads deeper into the… Read More


This Week in Halftime: Liking it before it’s cool

This week in Halftime, our writers discuss the things they like that are underappreciated by most people. Robbie Ponce reflects on his continued love for the other NBA team in L.A., the Clippers. I was caught watching the… Read More


This Week in Halftime: Leisure and Sports get #basic

Tim Annick waxes poetic on his first installment of “Just the Basics,” a satirical column meant to highlight just how basic we Hoyas can be. If your biweekly Down Dog hot yoga class just isn’t burning the calories… Read More


This Week in Halftime: Mario Balotelli sure is crazy

The sports and leisure fanatics on Halftime put together a great week’s worth of posts. Rob Ponce defends Italian soccer player and overall insane person Mario Balotelli, terming him “the most interesting man in the world.” On the pitch, he’s… Read More


This Week in Halftime: Who knew Adams Morgan was so much fun

This week on the Voice‘s leisure and sports extravaganza known as Halftime, Erika Bullock found a paradise in this year’s Adams Morgan Day and spoke to the festival’s eccentric vendors and food stalls: If Adams Morgan–or “AdMo” like the cool kids (read:… Read More


This Week in Halftime: Free D.C. explorations, gingers, and sport psychics

  This week, the adventurous and informed Halftime writers break the Georgetown bubble and shift America’s mind from football with keen baseball and basketball predictions. Katherine Landau discovers an off campus gem beyond the shackles of M and… Read More


This Week in Halftime: Death, tyranny, and fantasy football

The school year is in full swing, and so are the friendly neighborhood writers at the Voice‘s leisure and sports blog, Halftime. Katherine Landau mourns the loss of “part producer, mixer, writer and instrumentalist” Chris Walla from alternative rock band Death Cab… Read More

Florida Panthers v New York Islanders

This Week in Halftime: Hockey playoffs and the war on color in fashion

The start of hockey playoffs has Halftime writing about hockey. Ironically, sports writers Joe Pollicino and Sourabh Bhat wrote about the New York metro area’s two lesser teams, which did not make the playoffs this year (*coughcough GO RANGERS*), the New Jersey… Read More