Birch recommends his own redistricting plan, reminiscent of co-chairs’s proposal

Yesterday, Tom Birch, the ANC2E commissioner in charge of the Ward 2 redistricting task force, submitted his own plan for the redistricting of ANC2E to the Council Subcommittee. This proposal, which still establishes two student SMDs, carves out… Read More

Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Hydrant woes and apples to Apple Stores

In the first of what will be regular ANC 2E wrapups, we’re proud to bring you the events of last night’s ANC meeting. (But between Issue Rundowns, GUSA Roundups, and ANC Wrapups, it grieves me to report that… Read More

The laziest ANC commissioner of all, and other fables

┬áThese blurry Eastern European people came to an ANC meeting once to learn about democracy. Really! The Advisory Neighborhood Commission might not sound interesting, but it’s actually a hotbed of intrigue. Check out last night’s meeting: Commissioner Bill… Read More