Anonymous test reveals D.C. cabs have 27 percent refusal to haul rate

If you’ve ever had the stinging feeling of rejection when a cab driver shakes his head and drives away when requesting to go to Georgetown University, you are not alone. An anonymous test conducted by the D.C. Taxi… Read More

D.C. commuters are ditching cars for alternative modes of transportation

According to a study released this month by the U.S. PIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group called Transportation in Transition, D.C. commuters have increasingly begun to utilize mass transportation and bicycling in place of the typical mode of… Read More

Metro SmartTrip cards now $2 for real

Let it be known to all that Metro riders can now purchase SmartTrip cards 60% cheaper than before. For those who haven’t popped their Georgetown bubble yet, SmartTrip is a rechargeable farecard for all transit providers of the… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Transportation in D.C. and how to get around the city

For the five-hundredth time, cars are not allowed in Georgetown under any circumstance. But, don’t let this sad realization discourage you from exploring the amazing city you have at your fingertips! Once you have an idea of what… Read More

DDOT planning streetcar route to access Georgetown

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is planning to implement a 37-mile streetcar system to connect all eight wards of D.C. A route along H Street and Benning Road is already underway and officials hope to open it… Read More

Circulator to officially replace Blue Bus in September

It’s finally happening, folks. On September 1, D.C. Circulator will replace the Dupont-Rosslyn Metro Connection “blue buses.” But don’t despair, ye olde nostalgics, because the buses are practically the only thing changing, according to the Washington Business Journal…. Read More

Where’s the Circulator? Google Maps can tell you

Is there any reason not to love the Circulator? Their buses are clean, frequent, and cheaper than most other forms of D.C. transportation, and they follow pretty convenient routes. They’re so reliable, in fact, that they’re probably the… Read More

Water taxi from Georgetown to Nationals Park may launch by June

Fans going to the Nats stadium this summer to watch their home team trounce the Washington Nationals are in for a treat: soon, they may be able to get to the park on a water taxi run by… Read More

WMATA explores cuts in bus service to Georgetown

In effort to close its daunting $189 million budget gap in 2011, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is exploring a host of fiscal measures that involve raising fares, cutting rail service, and cutting bus service in 2011,… Read More

Georgetown residents lobbying for a Wisconsin Avenue streetcar line

The District Department of Transportation is undertaking a massive effort to install 37 miles of streetcar tracks in D.C. That includes uncertain plans to run a streetcar line up Wisconsin Avenue, connected to the line that will run… Read More