Financial aid survey reveals tuition hike for Georgetown

Last week the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) released a survey  of tuition and financial aid increases of colleges for the 2012-13 school year. The average increase in tuition among universities surveyed was 3.9%, the… Read More

Georgetown is still an expensive college, says Campus Grotto

The good news: Georgetown dropped in Campus Grotto‘s annual ranking of the nation’s most expensive colleges. The bad news: Georgetown is still in the top 15. According to the rankings, Georgetown is the 15th-most expensive college in America…. Read More

Georgetown is ninth most expensive college in the country

With an annual cost of $53,340, Georgetown is the ninth most expensive school in the country, according to Forbes. The rankings, which were compiled using data provided by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Campus Grotto, almost exclusively… Read More

Georgetown University Board of Directors approve 3% tuition hike

The Georgetown University Board of Directors have approved a 3 percent tuition increase and 2 percent increase in room and board charges for the 2010-2011 school year, Blue and Gray is reporting. The increases will bring the cost… Read More

Georgetown’s housing some of the most expensive in the country

Save these Whether or not it turns out that Georgetown could have prevented Sunday night’s fire in New South, it’ll probably irk at least a few residents to learn that Georgetown just made U.S. News & World Report’s… Read More

Georgetown second most expensive school in country, according to CNN

CNN recently released a ranking of the most expensive colleges and universities (based on data from the Chronicle of Higher Education) and Georgetown is a very high achiever: according to their data, we’re the second most expensive school… Read More

Georgetown now the 7th most expensive school in the country

Georgetown is the seventh most expensive school in the country for the 2009-10 school year, according to a list just compiled by Campus Grotto.  With a total average cost of $51,122 per year, we’re more comparatively economical than… Read More

Backlog at VA leads to delayed tuition payments for student veterans

Uncle Sam: not so great at doling out cash The new GI Bill greatly expanded the benefits available to student-veterans this year, which is awesome.  Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been overwhelmed by new applicants and… Read More

Where are they now?: UDC’s tuition hike, one week later

Block sweet block Ok, so it’s a little early for nostalgia, but it’s only fair that we keep you posted. In last week’s cover story, Eric Pilch explained the passion and rationale that accompanied the University of the… Read More

Citing recession, Board of Directors raises Georgetown tuition a mere $1,080

Your pockets: now 2.9% emptier! The Board of Directors just announced next year’s tuition: it will be a 2.9% increase, up to $38,616 from this year’s $37,536. Room and Board fees will also increase 2.9%, taking the average… Read More