How does Georgetown’s Twitter usage compare to other universities?

Twitter gets its academics on While anyone who has interacted with UIS knows technology isn’t exactly Georgetown’s strong suit, the University has been exploring this newfangled social media thing, even setting up its own Twitter account. But how… Read More

The District Digest: Red Line tragedy

On Monday at about 5 p.m. two Red Line trains crashed into each other near the Fort Totten station, resulting in the deadliest crash in Metro’s 33 year history.  Nine people died, including Jeanice McMillan, the operator of… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: The persistence of preppiness, short-term GUTS memory

Want a shot at your own 15 seconds of internet micro-micro-fame?  Start following us on Twitter (GtownVoxPop) and, if you’re connected to Georgetown, we’ll return the favor and you’ll automatically be in the running! Leslie Gordon found that… Read More

We’ll never let go, @JackDeGioia, we promise…

The end has come for @JackDeGioia, our humdrum president’s hilarious Twitter doppleganger.  Things began to look grim when the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that the University of Texas at Austin’s president’s pseudo-Twitter was shut down last Thursday…. Read More

@JackDeGioia makes it into the Chronicle of Higher Ed, admins threatening to take him down

In love with the “John DeGioia” Twitter account? You’re not alone—the Chronicle of Higher Education is, too! They just published a story on university presidents with twitter impressionists, based almost entirely on JackDeGioia, the brainchild of Georgetown Heckler… Read More

Vox is on Twitter, because we couldn’t let LOC be cooler than us

The requisite bird reference News that the Library of Congress has a Twitter account immediately “Get Twitter” from the to-do list to the must-do list. Vox Populi is on Twitter at Follow us and I promise we… Read More