Twuesday Tweetacular: Joshua Smith clearly ate his Wheaties

Over/Under on how many bowls of Lucky Charms that Josh Smith had for breakfast this morning: 7.5. — Andrew Kirnan (@k1rnANdr3w) January 20, 2015 Little does Andrew Kirnan know, Josh Smith’s cereal of choice is actually Wheaties. And… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Professor, can I go to the bathroom?

If you ask a professor on the first day of class if you have to do the readings, how have you made it this far in life? — Georgetown Heckler (@GtownHeckler) January 7, 2015 Georgetown Heckler must be… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: goin’ up on a… Wednesday

The Georgetown neighborhood is this weird mix of highly successful adults and barely functional college students. — Georgetown Heckler (@GtownHeckler) December 14, 2014 Georgetown Heckler must’ve written this when spotting both a Supreme Court Justice and Congressman on N… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: His anaconda didn’t

Georgetown falls on the final PK. Initial analysis: I am cold. More details to follow. — Georgetown Heckler (@GtownHeckler) December 6, 2014 “Let’s go to the soccer game,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. Over two hours… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Erika wants junk food

Many smart people out there telling you what Marion Barry meant. Not me. I will just say: I am going to really, really miss covering him.— Mike DeBonis (@mikedebonis) November 24, 2014 Washington Post local reporter (and Voice alum)… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Jack the Bulldog bartends at Bulldog Tavern

“When am I not updating my resume?” #OverheardatGeorgetown — Georgetown Heckler (@GtownHeckler) November 18, 2014 Well, Georgetown Heckler, Vox thinks that since it’s getting cold out, Georgetown students have put off updating their resumes as they online shop for… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Lau, the soul-crushing fortress

Today a woman brought her two year old son into the library and the second he got inside he started screaming. That kid is all of us. — Maddi Kaigh (@mmmmkaigh) October 21, 2014 Maddi Kaigh points out… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Deliver Vox dogs, please

Because this is so much less disruptive than those people quietly handing out condoms by the front gates — Georgetown Heckler (@GtownHeckler) October 29, 2014

Twuesday Tweetacular: Jack the Bulldog Inception

Lots of fun at #HoyaHomecoming tailgate today! — Jack the Bulldog (@GeorgetownJack) October 25, 2014 While this is possibly the cutest picture that Vox has ever seen, it is also an extremely confusing case of Jack Inception. Will… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Boxing, stupid Cuse athletes, and (of course) construction

Man, I love Jesuit values. — Georgetown Heckler (@GtownHeckler) October 18, 2014 You’re totally right, Georgetown Heckler. Nothing says cura personalis quite like a punching bag to the face with the Healy clock tower chiming in your ear every… Read More