Concert Preview: Baths comes to U Street Music Hall

Vox recommends you get your fill of D.C. music and nights out on the town before the stress of looming finals hits you like a rock (post Georgetown Day, of course). And, she has the perfect suggestion: go… Read More

Concert Preview: How to Dress Well comes to U Street Music Hall

Vox encourages you to celebrate the end of a horrendous (not to mention abominably snowy and cold) midterm season by seeing How to Dress Well at U Street Music Hall this Saturday. Producer and singer of How to… Read More


Concert Preview: GEMS brings “dream-pop” to U Street Music Hall

With two more months to explore the D.C. music scene this semester, Vox encourages you to make it out to U Street Music Hall to see local bands GEMS and Uno Hype on Saturday, March 1st. GEMS is… Read More


Concert Preview: Scuba brings London dubstep and techno to U Street Music Hall

If you’re hard up for plans this Valentine’s Day weekend, Scuba is performing at U Street Music Hall Feb. 15. Scuba, born Paul Rose, is a British Electronic musician and founder of the influential Hotflush Recordings record label…. Read More

Concert Preview: Will Eastman at U Street Music Hall

What better way to celebrate your birthday than by throwing a party? That’s the idea behind club-owner, producer, and DJ Will Eastman‘s Saturday night performance at his very own U Street Music Hall. Consider yourself invited. Eastman has… Read More

Concert Preview: Wild Belle comes to U Street Music Hall

If you’re in dire need of something to brighten the somber season of midterms, Vox has the perfect prescription: a light, feel-good concert in the District. Native Chicagoans Natalie and Elliot Bergman make up the duo known as… Read More