U Street Ethiopian restaurant Dukem to host weekly jazz shows

D.C.’s U Street has long been a proud home for America’s classical music, dating back to the days of Duke Ellington when the neighborhood featured one of the nation’s most vibrant and productive jazz scenes. Today, the street… Read More

U Street Corridor will welcome ‘District Flea’ this fall

While Georgetown itself may not be breeding grounds for artists and art aficionados, there are plenty of opportunities in D.C. for the artistically-inclined to surround themselves with local art and culture. In fact, this September, D.C. will present… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Where to get your groove on

Who says D.C. isn’t good for music? Sure, you can’t find a club on every corner, and for the most part you’ll have to venture pretty far outside that damn “bubble” everybody’s always talking about to get there,… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: A guide to D.C. neighborhoods

You’ve heard a little bit about D.C. as a whole. Now it’s time to explore her neighborhoods past M and Wisconsin. We don’t pretend this a comprehensive guide, but rather a little taste of what the city has… Read More