Where are they now?: UDC’s tuition hike, one week later

Block sweet block Ok, so it’s a little early for nostalgia, but it’s only fair that we keep you posted. In last week’s cover story, Eric Pilch explained the passion and rationale that accompanied the University of the… Read More

UDC students protest 85% tuition increase

UDC President Allen Sessoms University of District of Columbia President Allen Sessoms and his attempt for a massive increase in UDC tuition rates are coming under attack from UDC students. Yesterday, a protest against the rate increase was… Read More

Incoming UDC prez tries to outrun his past

The University of the District of Columbia is getting a new president, after a lengthy search process that included unprecedented input from Mayor Adrian Fenty. The Post‘s take on the new prez, Allen Sessoms, makes him sound like… Read More