VFT Mailbag: Another polite request for questions

In the last few weeks, Venus Fly Trap has answered some of Georgetown’s toughest questions about relationships. She’s tackled smelly roommates, virgin upperclassmen, and Georgetown’s endowment problem. Don’t you think it’s about time to join in the fun?… Read More

VFT Mailbag: Will shampoo work as lubricant in a tight spot?

As always, submit your anonymous questions at the end of this post. VFT, A while back a bed buddy and I attempted unsuccessfully to have sex. He was using a lousy condom, the kind you get for free… Read More

VFT Mailbag: A polite request for questions

No mailbag this week, gang. But keep those chins up—Venus Fly Trap will be back next week to dole out more advice. Until then, don’t forget to submit your anonymous questions through the submission form below. The VFT… Read More

VFT Mailbag: Will she hook-up with me if I don’t date her?

Venus Fly Trap is back for another round of sex and relationship advice. Got a question? Tell her about it in the anonymous submission form at the bottom of this post. VFT, I’m a freshman and this girl… Read More

The VFT Mailbag: Is he still perfect if he’s not packing?

[Editor’s Note: After whole weeks of anticipation, it’s time for the inaugural edition of Venus Fly Trap’s yet-to-be-named sex and relationship mailbag. If you have a question and you’re dying for some advice, don’t be bashful; the anonymous… Read More

Got sexy questions? VFT’s got sexy answers.

After a bit of time spent settling in at Vox, Venus Fly Trap is almost ready for your questions. We’ve heard that some readers haven’t sent in questions because a direct email nullifies the anonymity of the mailbag…. Read More

Comments of the Week: A blog divided cannot stand

“Jacob” doesn’t care for Venus Fly Trap: Vox, Despite my frequent bursts of bile, I have always considered you as a playful adversary and was forced to concede the fact you are the best damn publication on this… Read More

Venus Fly Trap: Your newest Vox contributor

It broke our hearts when we learned that Georgetown’s resident blog queen, Venus Fly Trap, shut down her site this summer. So, we invited her to join Vox. Starting in two weeks, VFT will post bi-monthly advice columns… Read More