GW student president Vishal Aswani’s death spiral continues

Remember when GUSA Vice President James Kelly made some unpleasant remarks about gay students? Or when President Pat Dowd taught us all about larceny? Those were embarrassing, but they’re also the kind of problems Vishal Aswani, President of… Read More

Just because GW’s Vishal Aswani is paranoid doesn’t mean we’re not blogging

Aswani celebrates his victory over Hubert Humphrey Ruthless as the GUSA-SAC battle for power may be, members of George Washington’s Student Association continue to out-politic—and out-paranoid—both organizations. On Friday, after VP of Public Affairs Tabisa Walwema left the… Read More

One thing GW does better than Georgetown: student gov’t scandals

In August, the Executive Cabinet of GW’s Student Assocation went to a Nationals game together as part of a cabinet retreat. The GW Hatchet, fearless newspaper that it is, started poking around to see how the tickets were… Read More