Vox Gets into Treble: Trap Queen

On this cold and rainy Wednesday morning, Vox can only summarize this playlist in the words of Mac B (extremely unknown rapper): “cause I feel like it”.

Vox Gets into Treble: Travel tunes

Whether you are going by plane, train, bus, car, or a more creative form of transportation, Vox has the perfect mix of tunes for your Easter break travels.

Vox Gets into Treble: Spring Fling

As we come to the close of midterms and begin to welcome warmer weather, get into the mood with this spring fling mix! Remember Hoyas—Georgetown Day is just under a month away, are you ready? Vox is.

Vox Gets into Treble: Miami 2 Ibiza

As Vox finishes her midterms this week, all she can think about is the upcoming week to be spent in… Miami? Punta Cana? Cancun? Jamaica? L.A.? Or even snowy Connecticut? (Who doesn’t love to spend their spring break… Read More

Vox Gets into Treble: Keeping up with Kanye, etc.

After last week’s craziness with GUSA elections, Vox is sure that her peers are looking to turn a page to newer times (and tunes) as they reach the final stretch before spring break (Vox hopes your break doesn’t… Read More

Vox Gets into Treble: Is the snowstorm really over though?

The four-day weekend was nice, but Vox was really hoping for another snow day this freezing Wednesday. If you’re lucky enough to have just a couple of classes or no classes, here are some tunes that Vox thinks… Read More

Vox Gets into Treble: One third of the way through part duex

There’s a cause for celebration. Vox often listens to rap when she feels like it. Now is one of those times.

Vox gets into treble: OH MY GOD THIS IS MY SONG

Ever been at a party with your girlfriends (or guy friends) and had the urge to scream, “OH MY GOD THIS IS OUR SONG!!!”? Well here’s the ultimate compilation of “my song”, “your song”, and “our song” for… Read More

Vox Gets into Treble: Study and smile

Syllabus week has come to an end, and the days are looking a little more study-oriented. While we can hope for a snow day (aiming, of course, to build a snowman for a study break), it is a… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: Finals week sadness

Well, this is it. As Vox sits here in his fortress on Lau 4, crying over a 10 to 12-page final paper, he takes the time to put together a solid, feel-sad playlist. That’s right: it must be the… Read More