Vox Gets Into Treble: Jumpin’ into Spring

While Vox may be a bit uncertain of whether the season of pleasant weather and flowery fields has actually arrived, she does know one thing for sure: there’s no school for a week. And if that doesn’t get you excited, Vox is doing… Read More

You’ve Been A Bad, Bad Hoya: White House staffer caught running snarky Twitter

Jofi Joseph (SFS ’94) just hit the wall. He almost had it all. This erstwhile member of the National Security Council, a division of the executive branch that advises the President of the United States on matters of… Read More

Sen. Tim Kaine speaks to students about public service, Syria

When Trevor Tezel (SFS ’14), president of GU’s College Democrats, prefaced Thursday’s much-anticipated speech by Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) with a stern reminder of the university’s speech and expression policy, the specter of partisanship seemed to already loom large… Read More

Voxy Girl heads off to India, to find husband and learn how to cook

This time tomorrow, I will be in the subcontinent of 1.2 billion people and my grandmother’s delicious homemade Indian food. That’s right friends, I’m going to India: the land of the Chicken Maharaja Mac, where potato chips become… Read More

Vox launches summer edition with new feature: Vox Catuli

Just kidding guys; no one really likes cats. But seriously, this summer, Vox is going to be alive and well. I’ll be writing remotely from the Big Apple while fighting the good fight at a law firm, but… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: There’s No Place Like Home

Philip Tam has experienced the common problem of magically appearing clothes come move-out time. The storage companies are pleased. We suppose Akhil Ramanadham opened and checked every black Samsonite that passed his way until he decided to take a… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Finals on finals on finals

Senioritis seems to have finally gotten the best of Eric Begoun. We just hope that the poetic license he exercised in his tweet didn’t make its way into his paper. Emily Cahn has a message for all squirrels:… Read More

Vox winds down after a long semester, takes stock

As finals wrap up and Hoyas head home, Vox will be taking a break for the holidays. We’ll still have sports coverage and coverage of any breaking news, and we will return to regular posting on January 9. Over… Read More

Site news: Oh right, we have finals soon

Don’t worry gang—we’re not going anywhere. But it’s time to for Vox to wind the blog down a bit, hit the books, and salvage our tattered academic reputations. Okay, try to salvage them. For the remainder of the… Read More

Vox, meet your new daddy

After Molly’s terrific reign ended yesterday, you might be asking yourself, “Who’s the fool dumb enough to think he can run Vox Populi?” Well, I’m that fool. But please—call me Chris. Taking over as blog editor, I feel… Read More