Georgetown community helps find faculty member’s abducted dog

On Tuesday morning, the tiny, fluffy poodle Charlie was taken by a stranger right outside of Saxbys at 35th and O Street. Community outreach and a rescue campaign proved successful, and Charlie was recovered by police this morning…. Read More

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Vox Pupuli: Corgis showering some love

Student Health Service held a puppy playtime session on Copley Lawn Thursday afternoon, as part of its Thrive 2014 events. Vox spotted these two energetic and fluffy Corgis, Banner, born on the Fourth of July, and Busy, because “she’s… Read More


Vox Pupuli: Catching the shade at SAC Fair

Assistant Vox Editor Kenneth Lee spotted Ethan the poodle hanging out beneath GUTV’s table at SAC Fair. It was a brutally hot day, so Ethan needed some shade, but he looks like he was having a good time anyway. He… Read More


Vox Pupuli: Bella giornata at Dean and DeLuca

As Vox sipped on espresso and sampled the finest of Italian imports under the awning at Dean and DeLuca, she spotted this cutie riding by in the basket of her human’s bicycle. Bella and her human appeared to be the… Read More


Vox Pupuli: Georgetown Day edition

Surrounded by the chaos and insanity of Georgetown Day, Vox ran into this Yorkshire terrier Lizzie. She was out on the lawn for the afternoon before her nap and rally at home to get ready for a busy night… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Spring has arrived!

As Vox walked  down the hill from Yates this morning after her morning workout, she was feeling pretty good about herself for being a real person and getting out of bed before noon. When suddenly it got even… Read More

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Vox Pupuli: Doggy delivery

Vox ran into this gorgeous Bernese Mountain dog while returning some unwanted Christmas gifts at the post office. Although Vox never learned this dog’s name because the owner was inside holding up the line over some limited edition Ray Charles stamps, Vox likes… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Puppy love is delicious like warm soup

Vox spotted Miso, a tiny terrier, ambling along across campus.

Vox Pupuli: Retail therapy at the GU Bookstore with Ruby

This is Ruby! Vox found her sniffing around with her owner outside the Georgetown Bookstore. At least the students who bought books that day had her to take their minds off their empty wallets.

Vox Pupuli: Oliver takes a trip to the doctor

ERMAHGERD Vox spotted this cutie right outside of Tombs on his way home from the doctor. Oliver, who is a Georgetown local, is now in a battle with cancer, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of… Read More