Report by Fire Department and WASA says GU’s fire hydrants need “special attetion”

A recent report lists 34 locations in the District that the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority and the Fire & EMS Department have identified as having fire hydrants that need “special attention”—and Georgetown University is on that list,… Read More

Georgetown ANC Wrapup: the ANC hates Philly P’s, and The North Face red all over

It smells? Lately, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E meeting have all had their share of fireworks, and last night’s meeting was no exception. They didn’t get to verbally stone any representatives from WASA, but they did unleash fury like… Read More

Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Hydrant woes and apples to Apple Stores

In the first of what will be regular ANC 2E wrapups, we’re proud to bring you the events of last night’s ANC meeting. (But between Issue Rundowns, GUSA Roundups, and ANC Wrapups, it grieves me to report that… Read More