Breaking: Video released of journalist and GU law student Austin Tice alive in custody

Today, McClatchy newspaper announced its discovery of a 47-second YouTube video of Austin Tice  (SFS ’02, LAW ’13), a freelance journalist reporting from Syria over the summer for McClatchy, the Washington Post, and several other major publications. On August 30,… Read More

Georgetown law student and journalist in Syria, whereabouts unknown

Earlier today, the family of a Georgetown University law student Austin Tice reported that they have not heard from their son in over a week. Tice (SFS ’02, LAW ’13), 31-years-old, has spent the past summer in Syria… Read More

Apparently the “Urban Theodicy of Jay-Z” is a controversial topic

For the last two weeks, Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson‘s sociology class, called “The Sociology of Hip-Hop: The Urban Theodicy of Jay-Z” has been both harshly criticized and staunchly defended within Georgetown and beyond the Hilltop. The latest contribution… Read More

Prince Charles and fiesty foodies at sustainability conference

Get the flash player here: Photos by Max Blodgett Kicking off the “Future of Food” conference in Gaston Hall on Wednesday, Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, expressed his disappointment with the Washington Post-sponsored event. “I wish more… Read More

Hoya delays independence again, WaPo doesn’t notice

Kudos to the Washington Post Magazine for directing some attention toward the Hoya and its push for independence — but, even the pros can miss news. On Tuesday night, Hoya staffers voted down a motion to pursue independence,… Read More

Conor Williams is the Post’s “Next Great Pundit”

In a landslide victory yesterday, Conor Williams (GOV ’11) was named the Washington Post‘s “Next Great Pundit.” Williams’s win marks the end of a month-long gauntlet of rounds, which included blog posts, traditional op-eds, and a roundtable debate…. Read More

Will Conor Williams be WaPo’s Next Great Pundit?

Tuesday update: Voting will remain open until noon today. Go vote! Original post: Conor Williams (GOV ’11), the PhD candidate who we’ve followed through Washington Post‘s “Next Great Pundit” contest, is one step away from winning the whole… Read More

WaPo’s last-minute costumes for lazy college students

Looking to go out tonight but not sure what to wear? Use up all your good costumes already? The Washington Post has a few suggestions for college-themed costumes, including “Can of Four Loko,” “Mark Zuckerberg,” and of course,… Read More

Washington Post reports that K2 tip, not “strange odor,” led to Harbin arrests

The Washington Post is reporting that University Public Safety officers received a drug tip on Saturday morning that led to the arrests of Charlie Smith (SFS ’14), John Perrone, a University of Richmond freshman, and John Romano (COL… Read More

Grad student moves onto next round in WaPo’s “Next Great Pundit”

Conor Williams (GOV ’11), one of a handful of Georgetown students who competed in the Washington Post‘s “Next Great Pundit” contest, has moved onto the next round of voting. In a series of blog posts, Williams covers a… Read More