Washington Times giving Barker Davis, Hoya basketball coverage the boot

Not long for this world HoyaTalk was abuzz last week when The Washington Times announced it was cutting its local news, sports, and feature content, and shifting to a free distribution model. For Georgetown fans on the site,… Read More

More parents buying houses for their college-age children

It’s never too early to invest in your dream house! If dorm living’s got you down and you’ve heard the horror stories about local landlords, the Washington Times has a new solution for you: go buy a house… Read More

The Washington Times talks to Nick Troiano (COL ’11) about the plight of the college student

This weekend the Washington Times ran a lengthy feature about the myriad of problems college students are facing in the rough economy (hey, I wonder why no one else has thought of running that…). The article is pretty… Read More

Economy hurting overpriced Georgetown shops, too, Washington Times reports

Economic hardship: not just for the common folk anymore! This weekend the Washington Times reported that the poor economy is having and impact on everyone—even chic Georgetown boutiques! Disbelievingly, they tell tales of outrageous, unprecedented retail behavior, like… Read More

Is Washington Times Georgetown-bullied or blowing smoke?

Get thee to a nunnery! Earlier this week, we clucked our tongues as conservative-as-knee-socks Washington Times editor Julia Duin (creepily pictured above) balked at the fact that President DeGioia was forcing local Protestant leaders to host events with… Read More

DeGioia forces Protestant groups’ tolerance of LGBTQ Center, God forbid!

Julia Duin, the religion editor for the ultra-Conservative, Unification Church-owned Washington Times, reports that Georgetown Protestant groups are being strong-armed into meeting and hosting an event with the the new LGBTQ center by none other than President DeGioia—despite… Read More