The Voice moves on from 1997, gets new website

The old site: “Let’s pick a timeless font for our website: Arial!” Hey, Vox readers, did you know that the Voice—Vox‘s benevolent mother publication—has itself a website? Well, now, we’re willing to talk about it! While we didn’t call… Read More

New will debut tonight

Georgetown’s new website will launch tonight, ending an 18-month redesign process. The redesign is the first change made to the University’s website since 2002. “We have worked with many members of the university community for more than a… Read More

Georgetown previews new website, will officially launch in two weeks

Yesterday, Georgetown launched the beta version of its long-awaited, redesigned website. As the University’s first redesign since 2002, the preview has a whole lot of new features, including navigation pathways for highly trafficked information and a footer bar… Read More

Georgetown website debuts beta campus map, still no launch date

The long-awaited University website redesign is making strides toward finishing soon. Yet, its launch date is still unknown. Rumors on HoyaTalk suggest that the site is scheduled to launch in late October or early November. In an email… Read More

Georgetown selects the concept for its website redesign

After considering four concepts for’s redesign, the Office of Communications has selected the fourth design, shown above, which their web developer Happy Cog offered as an alternative to three other designs which people said were “were not… Read More

A fourth potential design for the new

We got a look at three potential designs for Georgetown’s website redesign last week, but after getting mixed feedback on those designs, the Communication Office’s Scott Anderson writes, they’ve asked their design firm to come up  with a… Read More

A sneak peak at Georgetown University’s new and improved website

After collecting input from students and faculty about what they wanted out of a redesigned website and looking at boring wire frames, the Office of Communications, which is overseeing the redesign of, has finally received three full-on… Read More

Vox will be down from 9:00 p.m. to the wee hours of Thursday morning

This image doesn’t make too much sense here. I just wanted to use it. Both the Georgetown Voice website and Vox Populi are being redesigned this week. Vox will be out after about 9:00 this evening, but unless… Read More

The Georgetown Voice website is getting a makeover

Or maybe we’re just waiting for some new PVC piping This afternoon, we’ll be taking down so we can launch a better, redesigned site later this week. (Vox Populi won’t be affected.) As long as things go… Read More

Georgetown launches blog about website redesign

The University’s Office of Communication has been working on a redesign of the University’s main website for a few months now, and they recently launched a blog to get feedback about and issue updates about how the… Read More