Poll: What sucked the most in the Campus Plan agreement?

Earlier this week we ran a pretty lame but kind of funny contest asking you all what you would rename the Career Center. After receiving some minimal responses (come on guys, let’s see some creativity), we’ve decided to… Read More

Campus Plan: What rocks and what sucks

As promised yesterday in a press conference, ANC 2E finally released the full details of the provisions in the Campus Plan. University officials and neighborhood leaders have ruminated over these “proposed conditions” since negotiations restarted in early April. Both parties… Read More

Senior Class Committee chair fires back at Georgetown Day critics

In a lengthy email to the senior class late last night, Senior Class Committee chair Chris Butterfield (MSB ’12) defended the controversial decisions of the Georgetown Day planning committee. Butterfield placed the responsibility for the scaled-back nature of the event… Read More

What does Georgetown Day mean to you?

After recent emails and articles telling us what’s important about Georgetown Day, Vox decided we want to know what our readers think  makes Georgetown Day so neat.  It’s time to find out what the people really like.  So, neighbors,… Read More

Administration to barricade Copley Lawn on Georgetown Day

Friday is not Georgetown Day. On Friday, there will be free food and drinks, an awards ceremony, and performances by various student groups, but it will not be Georgetown Day. In an email to the student body that… Read More

How Georgetown Day lost the beer garden and inflatables

Today the Hoya reported the unfortunate news that Georgetown Day 2012 will not have a beer garden or any inflatables, such as a bounce house or obstacle course (pictured left). According to the Hoya, Senior Class Committee chair Chris… Read More

What Sucks: Forgotten, but back with a vengeance

So we forget to write about Tombs trivia names last week. We were there — promise! — but in the midst of hand-wringing about what’s offensive, what’s not, and a sudden need to try on habits, it slipped… Read More

What sucks: These are the jokes, people?

Vox returned to Tombs trivia for a third time this week to see if Hoyas were still yukking it up with cheap jokes about horrible things that happen to other Hoyas. We were not disappointed … which is… Read More

What sucks: Trivia returns to Tombs, so lets debate some comedy

The Tombs may have taken a break  from tired rape and abortion jokes to watch an awful basketball game last week, but came back strong during yesterday’s trivia night. Some of the team names veered into the world… Read More

What sucks: Tombs trivia’s most offensive team names

Or, “The most shameful Tombs trivia team names that the Georgetown community should be ashamed of but probably isn’t.” But that wouldn’t fit in the title. Either way, today we present to you Vox‘s newest feature, designed to… Read More