Wikipedia and CiviliNation founders reflect on cyber civility

On Monday, the School of Continuing Studies’ Technology Management Program sponsored a lecture by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Andrea Weckerle – founder of the cyber-etiquette organization CiviliNation – on the need for civil discourse on the Internet…. Read More

Wikipedia founder to talk cyber civility on campus on Monday

If someone asked you to pick the greatest innovation of our day, it might be a pretty tough choice: Our generation has witnessed the birth of such life-changing inventions as iPads, smartphones, and jeggings. But if you ask… Read More

Georgetown to host Wikimania 2012

The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that operates Wikipedia and other “wiki” projects such as Wiktionary and Wikitravel, announced Monday that its Wikimania 2012 conference will take place July 12-15, 2012 at the Georgetown University Conference Center.

GU professors incorporate Wikipedia into syllabi

Remember when professors began telling us we couldn’t use Wikipedia as a source for research? How many times has your class collectively groaned when someone asked if it was a legitimate source? The folks over at Wikipedia have… Read More

That’s not neutral point of view!

From the Norovirus Wikipedia article: In October 2008, 165 students at Georgetown University contracted the virus.[25] Several students refused IVs, asking instead for a Busch Light drip while in the emergency room.[citation needed] From Voice writer in exile… Read More

Aramark uses Wikipedia for its own nefarious ends

Aramark’s takeover of Leo’s is just okay, despite the sublime pasta bar. It’s going to take at least a semester before we see real changes, but more worrisome is Aramark’s old habit for questionable business practices–and a more… Read More