Breaking: Car crash near Wisey’s

Update, Tuesday, 6:00 pm: “It appears that the vehicle was left in neutral and simply rolled out of its space,” DPS Chief Jay Gruber said. “The vehicle was unoccupied when the accident occurred. There was nobody driving it. There… Read More

Wise Eats sued by Wisey’s for trademark infringement

Wisey’s, a Georgetown take-out restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue, is suing “Wise Eats,” a restaurant formerly known as Cafe Romeo which is touting an extraordinarily similar-sounding name and identical menu to Wisey’s. The attorneys and owner of Wisey’s accuse… Read More

Seven Georgetown-area restaurants cited as medium-risk health code violators in 2009

Yesterday, we cataloged the health violations of four Georgetown-area food establishments that had been pegged as “high-risk” by the Health and Regulations Licensing Administration within the last year or so—Leo’s, Epicurean & Co., The Tombs, and Bangkok Bistro…. Read More

Windows smashed on 36th Street

Several windows of businesses on 36th Street, including Wisemiller’s Grill’s, were smashed at 1:55 a.m. this morning, according to Department of Public Safety Officer Hariri. As you can see in the photo, the window on the door to… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Finishing strong

We at Vox wade through the web 2.0 morass and pick out the top 5 Georgetown tweets of the week. Wanna be considered? Start following GtownVoxPop on Twitter and, if you’re connected to Georgetown, we’ll return the favor… Read More

Say it ain’t so, Wisey’s Bum

This guy is a sex offender. Is he also the Wisey’s Bum? I’m taking Saxaspeak’s word (post now deleted) on this, but apparently there used to be a homeless man who begged in front of Wisey’s. He was… Read More

Wisey’s continues to violate health code

Remember the health inspection report that told Wisey’s not to prop open its door because that’s unsanitary? Apparently, neither do they. If you squint at the above picture, taken a couple weeks ago, you can see the rope… Read More

Slime in the ice machine! Health inspection reports from Leo’s and Georgetown restaurants

Now that Georgetown’s learning the importance of food sanitation the hard way, let’s look at the restaurant health inspections of area restaurants. I filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the Department of Health to get the reports… Read More

Falling tree strikes woman near Wisey’s

The top part of a tree trunk split off and struck a woman on 36th Street between N and Prospect Streets around 1:15 this afternoon. GERMS, the Metropolitan Police Department, DPS and the D.C. Fire Department were on… Read More