ANC approves plans for a Georgetown Metro stop

Monday night the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E approved a resolution expressing Georgetown’s support for a Metro stop—a proposal previously rejected over 50 years ago. The resolution was approved unanimously. The ANC’s resolution has a deadline of 2028 for the… Read More

Metro SmartTrip cards now $2 for real

Let it be known to all that Metro riders can now purchase SmartTrip cards 60% cheaper than before. For those who haven’t popped their Georgetown bubble yet, SmartTrip is a rechargeable farecard for all transit providers of the… Read More

WMATA implements hike in Metrobus and rail service fares

Last Sunday, the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority increased Metrobus and Metrorail fares throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia. This is the third fare hike in the past five years for the WMATA, according to the Washington Post. Off-peak… Read More

WMATA aims to display real-time arrival info at important bus stops

According to TBD, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has issued a request for proposals from contractors to install what the request calls “Customer Information Electronic Display Signs” at important Metro stations and along high-usage Metrobus corridors. If all… Read More

Proposed WMATA bus changes seal the Georgetown bubble a little tighter

Last week, the Washington Metro and Transit Authority proposed changes to bus services in all areas of its jurisdiction. These changes include attempts to fix the rampant problem of buses running behind schedule, and eliminate late-night service that is less… Read More

G2 rerouted to Wisconsin during street construction

Metro announced yesterday that the G2 bus, which runs from Georgetown’s main gates to Dupont Circle and Howard, will not go past Wisconsin while the District Department of Transportation conducts road maintenance on O & P Streets near… Read More

WMATA increases fares for Metro bus and rail services

Last Thursday, Metro’s board of directors approved an $109 million array of fare increases that will impact all forms of public transportation in DC. The fare hike, which is the largest in Metro’s history, cannot go into effect… Read More

WMATA explores cuts in bus service to Georgetown

In effort to close its daunting $189 million budget gap in 2011, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is exploring a host of fiscal measures that involve raising fares, cutting rail service, and cutting bus service in 2011,… Read More

The District Digest: Bitch set him up

No matter how poorly your 4th of July went, it’s safe to say it was probably better than former “Mayor for Life” and current D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry‘s (D—Ward 8). Saturday evening Barry was arrested by the Park… Read More

The District Digest: WMATA’s ups and downs

National Transportation Safety Board investigators are getting closer to pinpointing the cause of last week’s Metro crash.  They discovered that WMATA had replaced a crucial component of the signaling component, the “Wee-Z bond” which maintains a safe distance… Read More