President of World Bank addresses need to combat climate change—and GU Fossil Free agrees

This past Wednesday, President of the World Bank Dr. Jim Yong Kim gave a lecture as part of the Global Futures Initiative about the need to combat climate change amidst a globalizing world. Kim began his talk by… Read More


Senior Vice President of the World Bank discusses future of economic development

This Tuesday, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank Dr. Kaushik Basu gave the second of four lectures for the Global Futures Initiative. This initiative is a two-year long series of discussions on the future… Read More

World Bank president speaks in Gaston, lauds democratized economics

Yesterday, World Bank President Robert Zoellick spoke in Gaston Hall about how development economics must adapt to meet the challenges of the modern world. Citing a desire to democratize the field, Zoellick, who has run the Bank since… Read More

UIS completes massive data transfer to help Haiti rebuild

Say what you will about University Information Services. Recently, in a period of four days, they transferred 1.2 terabytes of data—or 1.2 million books, or 12 percent of the Library of Congress—containing satellite images and “aerial geographical data”… Read More

Anti-IMF protesters hit Georgetown

As is their wont, this year’s crop of anti-IMF protesters did indeed take to the streets of Georgetown yesterday evening. Vox wasn’t there, but we did get a first hand account from Georgetown student Carlos Hernandez, who found… Read More

IMF protesters heading to Washington Circle tonight

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are holding their annual meetings in D.C. this weekend. Along with discussions of economic policy, these meetings inevitably involve protests. This year, protesters have already broken bank windows and spray… Read More

This revolution wasn’t televised (because it was so boring)

Well, that was a disappointment. Last night’s anti-IMF, anti-World Bank protest, which was going to be so good I advised watching for phalanxes of riot police, was actually a big flop with only about 20 protesters. It was… Read More

4 tips for enjoying this weekend’s anti-globalization protest

The hotly anticipated IMF protest this weekend is shaping up: Join us at Dupont Circle at 1:00 am on the night of Saturday, Oct. 11th into the morning of Sunday, Oct. 12th for a rowdy, noisy march to… Read More

October Rebellion hits Georgetown

The October Rebellion, an umbrella group of protest groups, launched an unpermitted march through Georgetown Friday night. The march started at Washington Circle and ended when police cordoned off protests and released them in small groups. According to… Read More